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drums lesson #3

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  During this lesson you will learn how to play 8th notes. Let's start with what we already know: the quater note. Play on your snare drum, or a practise pad is enough.
First step : play slowly quater notes (beats/pulses). Play and repeat them with your right hand, count to 4.

|1 2 3 4|

Now add "and" in between each digit. We will note it "+". Now we get :


Play the "+" with your left hand.

  Listen. You get strokes twice as fast as the beginning. You are playing 8th notes. The 8th notes let you play two strokes where you had just one with the quater note. Each 8th note is half the value of a quater note. You need two 8th notes to make the same length as a quater note. The next exercice is about to repeat one bar filled with only quater notes (4 strokes) and one bar filled with only 8th notes (8 strokes).

|1 2 3 4|1+2+3+4+|

  The next exercises are mixing 8th notes with the different values you already know: quater, half and whole note. Take care to play the beats (digits) with your right hand and the upbeats (+) with your left. Reverse sticking if you are a left hand player. The "+" is said "and".

  To go further with this lesson you can play the duos "Erwno" and "Galian" available at The Shop.


Tempo = 80 ; count in = 1234


SD |o-o-o-o-|oooooooo|o-o-o-o-|oooooooo|o-------||


Tempo = 80 ; count in = 1234


SD |o---o---|oooooooo|o---o---|oooooooo|o-------||


Tempo = 80 ; count in = 1234


SD |o-------|oooooooo|o-------|oooooooo|o-------||

  Now exercices longer and with all kind of values.


Tempo = 80 ; count in = 1234


SD |o-------|o---o---|o-o-o-o-|oooooooo|

SD |o-o-o-o-|o---o---|o-------|o---o-o-|

SD |ooooo-o-|o---oooo|ooooo---|oooooooo|

SD |o-ooooo-|ooooo-oo|ooo---oo|o-------||


Tempo = 80 ; count in = 1234


SD |ooooooo-|ooooo-o-|ooo-o-oo|o---oooo|

SD |o-------|o-ooooo-|o---o-oo|o-o---oo|

SD |ooo-oooo|o---ooo-|ooo-ooo-|o-ooo-oo|

SD |o-o-ooo-|o-o-o---|oooooooo|o-------||


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